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XYM1 Micropositioner Photo

X-Y Micropositioner showing substituted microscope stage plate and the grooved quadrant plates which provide a base for micromanipulators

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An exploded view of the XY stage system showing the main components. The specimen stage is supplied with dimensions appropriate for the type of microscope. The upper plate curved “T” groove has a radius centred around the opening on the specimen stage.  Manipulators are carried on an adaptor plate  designed for our own XYZZA manipulators or can be used to mount other manipulator systems.

Typical electrophysiology rig with pair of XYZZA micromanipulators positioned on quadrant plates and stage supporting perfusion chamber for electrophysiology recordings.

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Arrangement of Bio-Rad Radiance Confocal head on Olympus BX50WI and our XY plate, XYZZA manipulators and Piezo actuated microelectrode advance system.

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