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X-Y Stage Micropositioner XYM1

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The development of confocal microscope systems utilising a fixed optical axis for use in physiological studies has led to a requirement for a mechanical stage that can support and precisely position in the X-Y axis both the preparation and a set of micromanipulators. The design of our X-Y Micropositioner achieves this by providing a heavy base-plate on which two further translational plates, upper and lower, each supported on four sets of precision linear bearings, are linked to a pair of micrometer heads with 25mm travel and a resolution better than 5 microns. The resulting base plate with a low center of gravity has provision for clamping on to an optical / vibration isolation table. The upper plate supports a cantilevered, elevated platform on four posts which substitutes for the normal microscope stage. This allows recording chambers, such as our MS Series to be supported on the platform. In addition, the upper plate is designed to support two or more micromanipulators, to the left and right for positioning stimulating / recording electrodes. This is achieved by a clamping "T-profile" radial groove in the upper plate which allows for the movement and location of micromanipulators in a radius around the centre of the stage optical axis. Our X-Y Micropositioner therefore allows the investigator to position electrodes on a preparation and having done so move the whole in relation to a fixed optical axis (Emptage, Bliss & Fine, 1999; Emptage, Reid, Fine & Bliss 2003). The current system was developed around the Zeiss Axioskop and the Olympus BX50WI and Leica  fixed stage microscopes which will locate and integrate with our positioner. Our X-Y Micropositioners are available for other microscope systems.


Base plate     dimensions:   

150 X 450 X 52mm (Excluding micrometer heads and mounting bracket)

Height of platform     above base plate:   

130 mm for Zeiss Axioskop TM, other microscopes are provided with appropriate heights

Approx. total weight:   

6 Kg (13Lbs)

Micrometer travel:   

X:25mm; Y:25mm.


Better than 5um


Anodised aluminium


Eight sets of linear cross-roller ball bearings

The following companies and their products are registered Trade Marks referred to on this site:  Carl Zeiss,  Olympus Optical Company. and Leica.

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